What to Expect at Red Tree


At Red Tree Church you will find people just like you.  You will find a group of people far from perfect, but wanting to be better people, live more satisfying lives, have stronger families and have better relationships with friends, coworkers, family and especially God.  At Red Tree you will find a safe place where people are warm and genuinely glad you are there.  It’s a place where you can be yourself and not worry about trying to fit in or act like you have everything together.

At Red Tree everything we do for kids, students and adults is specifically designed to be engaging, helpful and meaningfully connect our lives with God.  We have no desire to go through the motions or walk through a religious routine.  Everything we do is designed to help you know God better, love Him more and experience more of the life God offers us.


At Red Tree we realize that life is short.  We want to use our one life on this earth to make the biggest impact possible.  A huge part of who we are as church is helping people in our community and around the world who are hurting and struggling.  Every month Red Tree regularly partners with local food pantries, homeless ministries and local schools to help those in our community.  Red Tree is also active in bringing food & clean water to those around the world without access as well as helping set free those enslaved through human trafficking.